Morgan Dual Controls, LLC (Dale R. Morgan, Founder)
Contact Pete Pirani at 901-871-8051 or 870-702-1392

This is a new Jeep Compass, a personal vehicle that a carrier brought to us to have our dual control system installed in.  If you have a personal vehicle that you would like to have our dual control system installed in please give us a call and make an appointment.  Pete Pirani at 901-871-8051 or Muffett Morgan Pirani at 870-702-1392.

Dual Control Above shown in Jeep Compass

Installed on Site

Morgan Dual Controls customizes each dual control system we construct and your vehicle will be customized to your own body type.  If you are tall or short, we will allow for that when installing your dual control system.  And, if you have special needs please let us know.  It helps us to know this information prior to installing the dual control.

Our Shop is located at 2314 Case Ford Road, Heber Springs, AR  72543.  Heber Springs is in the heart of the Ozark Mountains and sits between Greers Ferry Lake and The Little Red River. 


2314 Case Ford Road
Heber Springs, AR  72543

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