Morgan Dual Controls
Dale R. Morgan   Osceola, AR

Morgan Dual Controls

This is a new Jeep Compass, a personal vehicle that a carrier brought to us to have our dual control system installed in. If you have a personal vehicle that you would like to have our dual control system installed in please give us a call and make an appointment. Dale R. Morgan Owner/Retired Rural Letter Carrier  870-838-5777

Dual Control Above shown in Jeep Compass

Installed on Site

Our Shop is located at 1499 South State Hwy 297 Osceola AR. But if you are using a GPS to find us put in West Ridge AR instead of Osceola. Our mailing address is Osceola but we are in the West Ridge, AR 72391 The GPS should find this.

We customize each dual control system we make. Each vehicle is different.  It will be customized to your personal vehicle.

If you have special needs please let us know. If you are tall or short we will allow for that when installing your dual control system. It helps us to know this information before installing the dual control.

Morgan Dual Controls

1499 South State Hwy 297

Osceola AR 72370 (West Ridge, AR Area)

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